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TV & Film

As an agency, we are always on the look out for people of all ages, types of build and ethnicity to appear as a TV extra. We have a lot of regular work for TV extras, and we have a high client demand to supply a large quantity of people. Acting out extra work involves being in the background of TV programmes and commercials. Some of our models like to be promoted for all work in the industry and they are able to discuss with us, as agents, what work they would prefer to take on.

Film extras and speaking roles can be employed for as long as 3 months at a time, depending on the film. The great thing about being part of a film is that you don't have to be photogenic or pose for a camera. We look for all genders, ethnicities and ages. All TV/Film work is paid work, and it can be long days but you are able to take things on set to pass your day.

We seek people who are confident enough to be filmed as the main, or as part of the main subject of a commercial. Commercial work is really for people who want to be involved more in the project and not just in the background as an extra. So you will be expected to act along and follow direction. You do not need to have any acting experience, though it does help if you have some experience in drama. Commercial work is very highly paid and we need models of all ages to be promoted to our clients.

MIM Agency looks for models who have lots of personality and a good sense of balance, with the ability to walk a catwalk. At MIM Agency, we do not supply models for high designer clothing wear, we look for models to advertise clothing from our high street stores. Therefor, there are no height or weight restrictions to the models we choose for this role, though a body in proportion with a healthy appearance and well groomed is necessary for this role. We look for both adults and children to fulfil this job, regardless of age.

A voice over is someone who uses their voice to narrate over videos, or for radio, commercial and even TV adverts. There is a high demand for voice overs, and we seek voices of all ages, accents and languages. We use voiceovers for a lot of commercials and websites. We also supply presenters for various roles, including demonstrations on websites and presenting on commercials. You need to be extremely confident for this role, know how to work the camera, with a clear voice and be neatly presented at all times.