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At MIM Agency, we offer a portrait service in the comfort of our modern studio. Our professional photography experience is so much more than a standard photoshoot. We will work around you and help you to capture the best images. We will help you and your family with styling and you also have the option to use our make up & hair service. Before your photoshoot, we will discuss what is best for you to bring along and how long the shoot will take for you and your family. On the day, you will be made to feel very relaxed, it's your day and we really want you to enjoy it. Once we're organised and ready for the shoot, you will have a full photo session where the photographer will take around 200 photographs depending on what you and your family would like. You will be able to view the photographs on the day to make sure you are happy with them. We fully edit your selected photographs.

We offer a professional portfolio photography service to help get you started in the industry. You are able to gain experience with our photographers to prepare you for when the time comes to work with clients. But it is also important that your photographs are to a high standard, as they will be promoted to our clients. You are allowed to have four to six outfit changes to bring out your personality in the photographs. We also offer a free of charge hair and make up artist with your shoot. Our photographer will take around 180 images, and you receive full copyright to all photographs taken from the shoot.

On the day of your shoot, you are able to view all photographs and have a talk about how it all works and what you would like to be promoted for. We will then upload photographs from your shoot to create a portfolio for you, enabling us to promote you to clients with the intention of gaining you work. You also will also be given access to the website with your own user name and password, so you're able to view your own portfolio and receive job listings. We like to work with our models to make ithe relationship personal and to make them feel confident whilst working. You can also join the agency with your own photographs.

MIM Agency offer a video portfolio service.... where you can be filmed for commercial, voice-over and web presenting work. You can come in to our studio and be filmed for a professional portfolio to promote to our clients. Video portfolios are also a great way to portray yourself to potential clients as they can see your presenting skills, what you look like and how you sound on camera. This can be uploaded to your portfolio alongside your photographs.