Latest Jobs


Description:  Well Done MiM Agency Model Casting for Hermes today!

ZALANDO Christmas Ad

Description:  Well Done Baby Danielle - In the new Christmas Ad

Peaky Blinders

Description:  Well done Henry Casting for the Peaky Blinders Promo today!


Description:  Well Done Annabelle casting for well known brand Neom!

Car Tvc

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model casting for a new car Tvc!

Amazon Modelling

Description:  Ellie Modelling for Amazon, Well Done Mim Agency Model!


Description:  Mim Agency Models, Modelling for the well known restaurant

Frankie-Mai Modelling

Description:  Well Done Frankie Mai modelling for Intu

Mim Agency Model

Description:  Craig shooting for well known Brand


Description:  Behind the scene of a recent photo shoot for well known food brand

DARE 2 BE clothing

Description:  Well Done Oscar shooting for Dare2 Be clothing

Tv Casting

Description:  Well Done Jacob casting today for a well known Brand!

Toys Ad

Description:  Well Done Nula casting for a well known Tv ad!

Toy Store

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model Video casting for a well known Toy store!

Now TV Casting

Description:  Good Luck Amelia Casting Today for NOW TV!

Philips Casting

Description:  Well Done Kameron on your'e Philips Casting! Photo shoot & Video

Honey Moster

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model casting today for Honey Moster TVC!

Dare 2 be Clothing

Description:  Mim Agency Model - Dare 2 be outdoor /ski clothing photo shoot

Bathroom Retalier TVC

Description:  Well Done Jack Casting for a well known bathroom brand!

Bathroom Retalier TVC

Description:  Well Done Darcy casting for a well known TVC!

TVC casting

Description:  Well Done Arjun on his Tvc casting following in his sisters footsteps!

TVC casting

Description:  Well Done Ithiel on his first TVC Casting!

Sky Sports

Description:  Tv Commercial, Well Done MIM Agency Models

Very Baby

Description:  Baby John shooting for Very clothing!

Vodafone TVC

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model casting for Vodafone Tvc!

Bosch Tv Casting

Description:  Well done Sadie on her Tv Casting!

Tv Commercial

Description:  Now on your Tv screens, super proud of Jessica all the drama classes have paid off!

Mim Agency Siblings

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Siblings casting for Bt Sports Advert!

Tv Commercial Casting

Description:  Well Done Allycia casting for a sports Tv Advert this week!

Video Cast

Description:  Video Branding - Male Model

Photographic Work

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Baby Model Modelling New Arrivals!

Dreamy Dresses Modelling

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model Modelling New In Dresses!

Clothing Model

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model great feedback from her casting!

Clothing Photographic work

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model on her clothing casting at the weekend!

Twycross Zoo Stills

Description:  Well Done Jess on the front of Twycross Zoo website can't wait to see the commercial!

Tv Commercial Casting

Description:  Fingers Crossed for Brooke at her TV casting today for a new commercial!

TV Commercial

Description:  Mim Agency Models featured in a major sports commercial!

Contract Work

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Models doing really well for TESCO!

Tv Casting!

Description:  Well Done Mabad Casting for Major Tv Commercial Today!

World Book Day!

Description:  Happy World Book day, Well done mim agency models for shooting world book day!

Tesco Clothing

Description:  Tesco Clothing Casting - Well Done Mim Agency Models!

TV Advert

Description:  Hope Jessica Has great day filming for a big New Tv Advert today can't wait to see it!

Tv Advert Filming

Description:  Well Done Flo on her filming today for new Tv Advert!

Shops direct casting

Description:  Well Done Cruz on his clothing casting today!

Shops Direct

Description:  Well Done Ebony On her clothing casting!

Tv advert

Description:  Hope Jess has a great time at her re call today!

Charity Ad

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency model video casting for online charity ad!

Well Done Flo

Description:  Well Done Flo on her unicorn modelling!

Jack Super Star

Description:  Well Done Jack, Another Photo modelling for a well known high street brand!

Well Done Nula

Description:  Fancy Dress Modelling, Golden Ticket!

Barratts Home

Description:  Good Luck Hayley, Casting for Barratts Homes

Girls Modelling

Description:  Well Done Darcy, we are really busy shooting for Clothing Line!

Fancy Dress

Description:  Fancy Dress, world Book day modelling!

Sports wear Brand

Description:  Well Done Jordan casting for a huge sports wear brand this weekend!

Tyla Casting

Description:  Well Done Tyla on her first clothing casting today! For John Lewis!

World Book Day!

Description:  Well Done Flo shooting for world book day!

Ryan - Super Star!

Description:  Mim Agency Model - Turning into a super star for Tesco getting re booked again!

Child Model

Description:  Hope Mim Agency Model has a great day at her clothing shoot!

Mim Agency

Description:  Mim Agency Models doing really well for our high street clients, Hard work paying off when models get re- Booked, Well done!!

Boy Modelling

Description:  Mim Agency Models doing really well for High Street Companies!

Shops Direct Photo shoot

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model shooting for shops direct in Liverpool!

Boys Modelling

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model taking over Tesco Homepage!!

Behind The Set of A Photo Shoot

Description:  Well Done, His First job After been on the books for a couple of weeks can't wait to see more!

Tesco Shoot

Description:  Well done Boys shooting for Tesco today, Starting 2018 The right way! Looking for more new faces.

Mcdonalds Advert

Description:  Good Luck Mim Agency Model Casting for the punk role for Mcdonalds Today!

Tesco Clothing

Description:  Mim Agency supply Regular Models for Tesco, Well Done new faces modelling for Tesco!

Over Lockers

Description:  Well Done Hayley promotional Model for over lockers, Great Feedback!

Promotional Work

Description:  Well Done Jess great feedback at the weekend from promtional work!


Description:  Well Done Layla Casting for Cadbury's at the weekend!

Tesco Clothing

Description:  Jack On the Train on the Way to His Tesco Clothing Casting!

Tesco Clothing

Description:  All New Faces casting for Tesco new clothing Range!

Clothing Shoot

Description:  Hope these two have a great day! Tesco Banners!

Council Video

Description:  Well done Jacob on his audition for a new local video!

Cadburys Casting

Description:  Good Luck Mim Agency Model and His Brother casting for the new Cadburys advert!

Christmas Modelling

Description:  Nativity Shoots for Local Brands

Winter Modelling

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Models, Modelling winter clothing

Child Modelling Fun!

Description:  Child Modelling Is so Fun for children to get involved in!


Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Supplying the models for VERY!


Description:  Well Done Tanesha Modelling for Little woods, Occasion wear!

Littlewoods - Girls clothing

Description:  Well Done So proud of MIM Agency Models!

Very - Photo shoot

Description:  Girls clothing - Winter shoot

Sports wear Modelling

Description:  Catalogue work for Very & Littlewoods under the shops direct group.


Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Models been put forward for Footlocker shoot


Description:  Working with Tesco Banners again for winter clothing!


Description:  Well Done Anya Casting for Tesco Banners


Description:  Maria is on a role casting for Tesco Banners

Modelling Work

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Models!

Modelling Work

Description:  Kids Modelling work!

John Lewis

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Models shooting for John Lewis!

Shops Direct

Description:  Hope Mim Agency Models have a great day shooting for shops direct!

Hillary Blinds

Description:  Well Done Savannah Casting for Hillary Blinds today!

Casting Tv Advert -

Description:  Well Done Jessica on her 2nd Casting of the week for well known brand!

SuperMarket Advert

Description:  Good Luck Maria Casting for new Tv Commercial!

Well Done Cassidy!!!

Description:  Well Done Cassidy filiming for new fostercare commercial! Superstar!

Good Luck Casting for Christmas TV Ad!

Description:  Good Luck Jessica casting for a new Tv Ad!

Good Luck Zina New Tv Ad!

Description:  Good Luck Zina Casting for Well know brand today!

F & F Banners

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Models shooting for F & F clothing banners

TV Commercial Casting

Description:  Good Luck Joshua casting for A New Tv commercial!

TV Commercial Casting

Description:  Good Luck Zowie casting for a New Tv Commercial!

Injury Lawyers Commercial

Description:  Well Done Mim Agency Model filming for the new commercial!

Oak furniture Casting

Description:  Well Done Maxine Casting for Oak furniture TV Commercial

Baby Kenny

Description:  Well Done Joseph Filming as Baby Kenny! Great Feedback from the client!

Injury Lawyers 4 u

Description:  Well Done Jo Casting for Tv Advert!

Injury Lawyers 4 u

Description:  Well Done Donna Casting for Tv Advert!

Milky Bar Ad

Description:  So proud of MIM Agency Models who took part in the Milky Bar ad!

John Lewis Contract Work

Description:  Hope Mim Agency Models have a great day shooting for John Lewis! Regular Work for John Lewis

Tv Advert

Description:  Good Luck To Charlie & Eadie Today Casting for New TV Advert!

Tesco Direct

Description:  School Uniforms Modelling All ages

Tesco Direct

Description:  Modelling school Uniform

F & F clothing

Description:  Shooting for F&F clothing Autumn and back to school range, well done Mim Agency Models

Back to School shoot

Description:  Behind the scenes of A Back to school clothing shoot!

John Lewis

Description:  Well Done Shooting for John Lewis again for online and instore modelling work

Tv Advert Milky Bar

Description:  Behind the scences of make up and preparing to film!

Milky Bar Behind the Scences

Description:  Outside the filming

Milky Bar Ad

Description:  Well Done the Three models who filmed for the Milky Bar Advert!

ERA Clothing

Description:  Well Done Callum Shooting for ERA Clothing!

BBC Acting

Description:  Well done Malik filming for the BBC

BBC Acting

Description:  Well Done Nasif Filming for the BBC!


Description:  Hope MIM Agency Models have great day shooting for John Lewis!

ERA Clothing

Description:  Good Luck Mim Agency Models casting for ERA Clothing Today!

Modelling Work

Description:  John Lewis Modelling - New Faces

Online Work

Description:  Good Luck everyone today for the Online Video! - Real Life Models


Description:  Good Luck to Everyone Casting For online Video Today!

Mcdonalds TV Ad

Description:  Good Luck Finley Casting for Mcdonalds Ad!


Description:  Good Luck MIM Agency Models Casting for Tesco Today!

Shops Direct

Description:  Hope MIM Agency Models have a great day casting for Shops Direct Today!

Lloyds TV Commercial

Description:  Well Done MIM Agency Models that featured in the Lloyds Tv Commercial

TV Commercial Casting

Description:  Well Done Ebony Casting for Heart Commercial!

Good Luck With BBC Acting Role

Description:  BBC Series Tv Main Role

Main Part TV Role

Description:  Well Done Cleo!

Alton Towers /Video Photo shoot

Description:  Well Done to All the Children That took part in the filming for Cbeebies Land

Lloyds TV Commercial

Description:  Well Done Nile and Mum for shooting in the new Lloyds Tv commercial!

Lloyds TV Commercial

Description:  Well Done Harrison and Mum Filming for New Lloyds Bank Commercial!

Modelling Work

Description:  Well Done Amber the Face of John Lewis!

B & M casting

Description:  Good Luck to Mason Today Casting for UK's fastest growing variety retailers Tv Advert!

Modelling Photo shoot

Description:  John Lewis Regular Photo shoots


Description:  Looking for New Faces for contract work

Easter Modelling

Description:  Modelling work for Children 0-16 years

TV Casting Popcorn

Description:  Good Luck to Callum Casting Today for New TV Advert!

Nativity Modelling, Well Done!

Description:  Well Done, Christmas Modelling

Nativity Modelling, Well Done!

Description:  Christmas Modelling


Description:  Christmas Party wear


Description:  Child Modelling, Party Wear

Morphy Richards

Description:  Product Video and Photo shoot


Description:  John Lewis photo shoot


Description:  Well Done Tanesha Shooting for shops direct!

My Little Pony

Description:  My Little Pony Shoot, Character world


Description:  Pokemon, Character World

Brighter Future

Description:  Well Done the beech Family on their photo shoot for Brighter Future

Great Feedback

Description:  Thanks so much for Saturday kids really enjoyed it and little one wasn't as bad as I thought she would be lol. The photos looked fab and you and Christine were a great help and made it an enjoyable shoot. Thanks again hunny can't wait to see more of the pics xx

Charater World

Description:  Well Done Nula Shooting for Character World!

Charater World

Description:  Well Done Dylan Shooting for Character World

F & F clothing

Description:  New Faces, Banner photo shoot

Web Blinds

Description:  Well Done Hayley Filming for Web Blinds

Kids Fancy Dress

Description:  Well Done, Fancy Dress Halloween

Autumn Modelling

Description:  Autumn Modelling, Well Done

Autumn Modelling

Description:  John Lewis, Well Done!

Kids Fancy Dress

Description:  Kids Fancy Dress Modelling

Kids Fancy Dress

Description:  Well Done Mim agency models shooting for F & F clothing fancy dress

Web Blinds

Description:  Tv Commercial, Well Done Hayley filming for Web Blinds!


Description:  Baby/Child Modelling

Alton Towers

Description:  Well Done to all the child Models!

catalogue modelling

Description:  Well Done, Behind the scenes of photoshoot!


Description:  Well Done, Stunning photo shoot for Very Online


Description:  Child Modelling

Very Photo shoot

Description:  Baby Modelling


Description:  Babies Modelling for online clothing work

Sky Sports Commercial

Description:  Well done all who filmed for the sky sports ad


Description:  Online Clothing Shop

Child & Adult Models

Description:  Very online clothing

Acting Role - BBC

Description:  Well done for Filming the Night shoot!

Acting Role - BBC

Description:  Dean filming for a night shoot

Little Woods

Description:  Modelling Coats

Little Woods

Description:  Back to school Modelling

BBC Walk on Role

Description:  Well Done Chloe Filming for BBC

BBC Filming

Description:  Well Done James


Description:  Well done James Filming for the BBC

Sky Sports Commercial

Description:  Football Fans Filming TV Advert

Shops Direct

Description:  Photo shoot for Shops direct

Photographic work

Description:  Behind the Photographic Shoot

Child Modelling

Description:  Photographic work

Child Modelling

Description:  Photographic Work

Child Modelling

Description:  Photographic Work


Description:  Extras - Walk on roles


Description:  Filming for the BBC

Photographic work

Description:  John Lewis

Clothing Modelling

Description:  Child Clothing Models

Child Modelling

Description:  Books Are open - Child Modelling

Boots Tv Advert

Description:  Boots Tv Advert - Featured MIM Agency Models

Books Open

Description:  We are looking for New Models 5ft7 & Above, Clothing Size 8-10 - for new clothing contract

Well Done Millie

Description:  Child Modelling - Clothing

John Lewis

Description:  Photographic work


Description:  Filming - Video Work

Photo shoot

Description:  One Family photo shoot - Insurance

Sainsburys - Active Kids 2016

Description:  Photo shoot

Golden Charter

Description:  Golden Charter Tv Commercial

Photo shoots

Description:  Tower Housewares

Sainsburys - Active Kids 2016

Description:  Photo shoot - Well Done!

Child Modelling

Description:  Books open for Child Models Photographic work!

Child Modelling

Description:  Spring Campaigns

Air Fry

Description:  Photo shoot for Air fry

Hoover Photo shoot

Description:  CIC photo shoot

Film Work

Description:  Health Care Brand - Filming

Actress - Filming

Description:  Health Care Brand Filming

Healthcare Film

Description:  Healthcare Film - Filming


Description:  Well Done to all MIM Agency Models in the Mcdonalds Christmas Advert!

Well done Adam

Description:  Photo shoot

Sainsburys Photo shoot

Description:  Active Kids


Description:  Mcdonalds Christmas Advert

Oliver Rigby

Description:  Regular Model For John Lewis

Baby Modelling

Description:  Baby Party Wear

Winter Modelling

Description:  Winter Modelling for John Lewis

Golden Charter

Description:  Golden Charter Commercial

Banner Modelling

Description:  Babies Modelling Work

Casual Clothing

Description:  Kids Modelling Casual Clothing

Party Wear

Description:  Child Modelling

Christmas Modelling

Description:  Season Wear

Great Feedback Photo shoots

Description:  Thank you for Saturday, Alyssa had a fabulous time and the photographs are beautiful, couldn't resist checking a day early and think they are amazing. Nichola

Feature Film

Description:  Chloe having a great Time on set for new feature film


Description:  Well Done to Georgia who spotted herself in Tesco Today!

Outdoor Clothing

Description:  Jenny Shooting for Outdoor clothing

Sainsburys Photo shoot

Description:  Adam - Sports Photo shoot Sainsburys

Baby Modelling

Description:  Well Done To The Babies Shooting for John Lewis Today!

John Lewis

Description:  Oliver has been booked so many times for John Lewis, His Hard work has paid off!! Well Done!

Photographic Work

Description:  Fancy Dress Modelling

Child Modelling

Description:  Looking for Child Models for photographic & TV Work

Great Feedback

Description:  "Alfie and Oliver was amazing on the shoot yesterday, John Lewis wanted me to say a huge thank you."

Back to School

Description:  F & F back to school Modelling

Drama workshop Feedback

Description:  "Freya has asked me to message you to say THANK YOU she's had a wonderful time and can't wait till the next one. Well worth the money a big thank you from me too." Rachel - Midlands

Sleep wear

Description:  Child Modelling, Modelling Sleep Wear

Onesie Photo shoot

Description:  Kids Modelling Onesies!

School Unifrom

Description:  Ciara Modelling School Uniforms

Smyths Toys

Description:  Kian Featured In the Symths Toys Advert!

Symths Advert

Description:  Kian Filmed for Smyths Toys Great Feed back " Kians a little star in the making. He's excellent on camera, fab delivery we were all really bowled over" Sugar Free Tv

John Lewis

Description:  Oliver Shooting for John Lewis Summer

Alton Towers

Description:  Adults & Children Shooting for Alton Towers


Description:  Ciara Shooting for Tesco " 3 day shoot "

John Lewis Occasion Wear

Description:  Oliver John Lewis Occasion Wear

Marvel TV Advert

Description:  Marvel Comics TV Advert

Easter Shoot

Description:  Liam in his Easter photo shoot

Alton Towers

Description:  Alton Towers Insta Gran Photo shoot - MIM Agency child models

New Bathroom Range

Description:  Jenny Filming for New Bathroom Range

The Planet Select Range

Description:  Maxine Filming for the Planet select range

John Lewis

Description:  Alfie Modelling for John Lewis / occasion wear

Child Modelling

Description:  Children's photographic work

John Lewis Spring

Description:  Child Modelling, Spring Clothing

Mcdonalds Chicken Wraps

Description:  Bradley Buxton Featuring in the Chicken Wraps Advert

F & F clothing

Description:  Baby Clothing wear for Tesco

Christmas photo shoot

Description:  Christmas Photo shoots

Alton Towers

Description:  Simon Modelling for Alton Towers

Baby Modelling

Description:  Lillie Mae shooting for Tesco

f & F clothing

Description:  Cruz Modelling Autumn Clothing

Cruz modelling for F & F

Description:  Cruz Modelling for Back to school F & F clothing range


Description:  Male models / Photo shoot for JCB catalogue!

Erin F & F clothing

Description:  F & F clothing back to school

Keleigh Photo shoot

Description:  Keleigh Modelling for F & F clothing

MIM Agency Models F&F clothing

Description:  Cruz Modelling on F&F clothing website

Elenya Filming for Tv Drama

Description:  Elenya Filming for Tv Drama "Cucumber"

Tesco back to school

Description:  MIM Agency Models, boys & girls modelling for Tesco back to school!

MIM Agency Models

Description:  Brewers Fayre - Models from the shoot

Mentos Tv Advert

Description:  Fabyon Filmed for Mentos Tv Advert!


Description:  Around 30 children & Families Featured in the Cbeebies Advert

Brewers Fayre

Description:  MIM Agency Adult & Child Models featured in the filming and photo shoot for Brewers Fayre!

AMF Ceilings photo shoot

Description:  Georgina & Joseph school Photo shoot

AMF Ceilings photo shoot

Description:  Georgina & Joseph Photo shoot

Tesco Kids Banners

Description:  Cruz Modelling for Tesco Kids Banners!

Vodafone Photo shoot

Description:  MIM Agency Models - Shooting for Vodafone!

Vodafone Photo shoot

Description:  Caroline Modelling for Vodafone Some of the many photographs taken for Vodafone Modelling

Mini Mouse Freeze Tv Advert

Description:  Ellie S. Tv Advert

F & F ( Tesco ) Clothing Photo shoot

Description:  Nula , F&F clothing photo shoot

Mini Mouse Freeze Tv Advert

Description:  Ellie Filming for Mini Mouse Freeze Tv Advert

Mother of the Bride Catwalk Show

Description:  Tanya - Eaton House Farm catwalk show.

Marstons pedigree

Description:  Pete, Simon, Roz & Gareth Photo shoot for Marstons pedigree

Safe Food

Description:  Hannah King - Safe food Advert

Child Models

Description:  Alton Towers - Cbeebies Post man pat Photo shoot

Hellmanns Advert

Description:  Hellmanns Tv Advert

Pet Super market

Description:  Olivia and Harvey Weaver for Pet Super market

Little woods

Description:  Charlie & Luke for Littlewoods

Luke & Charlie

Description:  Well done to Luke & Charlie for Little woods

Dixy and Rachael

Description:  Dixy And Rachael modelling in Derby.

Cadburys Advert

Description:  Peter and Charlie Bostock Featured In the Christmas Cadbury's commercial

VW promotional work

Description:  Emma Jones VW Promotional model Great Feedback: "Emma was excellent and was a credit to your agency."

Urban Clothing Manchester

Description:  Martin Hilson, Modelling for Urban Clothing Manchester

Tyre Safe

Description:  MIM Agency Models completing Tyre Safe Advert …

Birdseye - Fish Fingers

Description:  Charlie for Birdseye fish fingers

MIM Agency Newspaper 2013


Great Feed Back from Hartley Homes

Description:  "Emma and Phil both were very professional on their shoot today, great turn around"

Derby College

Description:  Dixy and Rachel had great time at their photo shoot at Debry College.

Tom Cassidy Video shoot

Description:  Behind the scenes at Tom Cassidy's video shoot

Asda Advert

Description:  Harvey and his family Appeared in The Asda Summer Advert....

Spa Video shoot

Description:  Redford H & Arleta had a great time filming in the hot tub!

Davpack Video shoot

Description:  Models / Actors completing Video shoot for Davpack.

Wychwood park

Description:  Kim and Beth Promotional Models for Wychwood Park!

Advert Combat Creatures Attacknids toy

Description:  Mitch E filmed for Combat creatures attacknids toy!

BBC Crime watch

Description:  Natalie C, Will appear on Tv on 1st July 2013 for BBC Crime watch reconstruction.

Phil Bruce

Description:  Kuwaiti Football Commercial


Description:  Kayleigh Barnes for Nuttella

Alfie and Conrad in the newspaper

Description:  Beech boys Aldi

Aldi Easter Advert

Description:  Conrad and Alfie Beech, Also featured in the local newspaper

DSA Photo shoot

Description:  Female Model - Photo shoot for DSA

Aldi Advert

Description:  Conrad and Alfie Beech took part in Aldi Easter Advert

College Photo shoot

Description:  College photo shoot

Moocher Tv Advert

Description:  Luke, Maxine, Janice and Emma filmed TV advert for Moocher.

Solihull College

Description:  Number of our models, worked for Solihull college completing a video production and photo shoots.

Asda Photo shoot

Description:  Ashleigh Birmingham, Photo shoot for Asda

Asda Photo shoot

Description:  Emma and her Son Staffordshire shooting for Asda


Description:  Darien Stoke On Trent, On set of the BBC as a TV extra!


Description:  Models Starring in the new Boots commercial!

Log Cabin Magazine

Description:  Models taking part in photo shoot for Log cabin Magazine.

La Redoute

Description:  MIM models shooting stills and adverts for La Redoute

Churchill Insurance Photo shoot

Description:  Tom Molloy 13 years " Photo shoot for Churchill insurance

Zombie Photo shoot

Description:  MIM Agency Models 'Zombie Photo shoot'

Sentinal 2012

Description:  News Paper article

Chris Spa photo shoot & Video

Description:  Luxury Homes & Spa Video and Photo shoot!

Bayleigh Tesco Shoot

Description:  Back to school Photo shoot Tesco

Mcdonalds Olympics Advert

Description:  Megan And her dad took part in the Mcdonalds campaign for the Olympics!!

Full Circle Photo shoot

Description:  Aaris Did excellent Modelling Clothing for Full Circle!

Tesco Photo shoot

Description:  Tesco Back to School Photo shoot

Tresemme Commercial

Description:  MIM Agency Models took Part in The Tresemme Commercial on Forby Beach, the weather was awful for the day of Filming!!

Tractor Commercial

Description:  We supplied Four main Parts and all the extras...We filmed through the night, all the models had great time! Had great Feed back from client about everyone that took part!

Tydi Music Video

Description:  Louise Thomas in the new music video. Great Feed Back from client.

Music Video Andy Moor

Description:  Our models Louise and Amy, main parts in the music video, please use link to view video. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Official Music Video) ( You Tube)

Photo Shoot For Royal Doutlon

Description:  Spencer Martin, Photo Shoot for ROYAL DOULTON in Staffordshire.